262 students absent on Respect Life Day

Grace Kim, Online Chief

On Monday, Jan. 23, a total of 262 students were absent according to the Attendance Secretary Molly Tebin.

The total excludes those students who participated in the annual March for Life which occurs on the same day.  A Respect Life Day was planned for those students opting not to go on the March for Life, and the administration announced beforehand that there were to be no regularly scheduled classes on that designated Monday.

“If the parents write us a note, then we trust that that [the excuse indicated in the note] was the case,” Dean of Students Thomas Vierheller said.  This means that if students bring in a note, there will be no further consequence.

“Having the special day here depends on how many kids go on the March.  I think it’s a great idea to plan to have a Respect Life Day.  The whole concept of respecting life is more than just abortion,” Principal Madelyn Ball said.

“We have to debrief and make some discussions for next year…it would have to be a completely different program.  I just have to communicate better with parents about what is actually happening at school that day and its educational relevance,” Ball said.

The reasons are varied for the students who did decide to attend Respect Life Day.

“My mom said I could get my nails done if I did,” freshman Nicky Clauter said.

“My mother made me come into school [on Respect Life Day],” freshman Olivia LoPresti said.

The Patriot will further investigate both student and teacher responses. Check back for future coverage.

Grace Kim is the Online Chief for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.