New Recyling Club plans to address current environmental concerns

On Feb. 2, social studies teacher Paul Lazor organized the first meeting for those interested in joining the new Recycling Club.

This new club will help JC retain its Green School status. To be certified as a Green School, JC must participate in an online certification process and pay special attention to water conservation, water pollution prevention, energy conservation, solid waste reduction, habitat restoration, responsible transportation, and a healthy school environment in general.

“[The new recycling club is] an initiative.  [It’s] a project of getting students and staff to understand the recycling program and how to use it,” Lazor said.  “We’ve [the school] had it [the recycling program] for three to four years but we haven’t had a discussion on how to use it.”

The recycling program Lazor refers to is the Abitibi recycling bin system that the school participates in, in which both paper and plastic recycling bins are provided.

According to Lazor, there will be a follow-up meeting Feb. 9 with the Recycling Club members and Director of Facilities Stewart Walker to discuss ideas about improving participation in recycling, learning more about the process of recycling, and pinpointing all of the recycling bins in the school.

On March 13, Lazor plans to discuss more Recycling Club plans  with the rest of the faculty.

Grace Kim is the Online Chief for The Patriot and