Mulch Madness returns for campus spring cleaning

Mulch Madness returns for campus spring cleaning

Students volunteer at last year’s Mulch Madness to help spruce up the campus. This year, Mulch Madness will be on Saturday, March 10.

Kailey Tracy, Copy Editor

As the month of March begins, college basketball’s March Madness nears, but so does a different type of madness: Mulch Madness.

On Saturday, March 10, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., JC will hold its annual spring cleaning.  “It is more of an opportunity for us to dress up the campus and complete some other targeted projects,” Director of Facilities Stewart Walker said.

According to Walker, usually 40 to 100 people turn out, including students, families, alumni, and Mountain Christian Church volunteers.  Tasks at the event typically involve putting down new mulch, planting flowers, and painting both the inside and outside of the school, among other things.

“I like to have one main project [putting down new mulch around the campus], and then have some secondary projects, depending on who shows up and the weather,” Walker said.

Walker plans to restore the fountain in the courtyard at Mulch Madness this year by elevating it and adding decorative stones.

“[Mulch Madness] is meant to provide another opportunity for a lot of different folks to serve together for the overall benefit of JCS,” Walker said.

Kailey Tracy is a Copy Editor for The Patriot and