Former biology teacher returns while Deroba takes maternity leave

Emily Clarke, Managing Editor

Former biology teacher John Low will be returning for the first semester of the 2012-2013 school year.

Low will be taking over for biology teacher Megan Deroba while she is on maternity leave. According to Vice Principal of Academics Gary Scholl, Low will be teaching Biology, Honors Biology, and AP Biology. In addition to teaching Deroba’s classes, Low will also be in charge of her advisory.  Low retired three years ago before Deroba came in to take his position.

“If you get a teacher who teaches AP Bio and wants to teach it, they already have a job. Mr. Low is very qualified,” Scholl said.

According to Scholl, Low is a long term sub, and Deroba has every intention of returning. Low’s return is only for the first semester then Deroba will be returning to her position.

“I’ll be back around mid-January,” Deroba said.

“[Low] is a gentlemen and an excellent teacher. We are very fortunate to get him to come back,” Scholl said.

“[Low] taught here for about ten years, so I know he knows the curriculum.  I hope that he gets through all of the semester one material so that I can jump right into semester two.  I know he’ll do a great job,” Deroba said.

Emily Clarke is a Managing Editor for The Patriot and

Additional reporting by Brianna Glase.