Obama defeats Romney for presidency

Obama defeats Romney for presidency

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Republican nominee Mitt Romney (left) and President Barack Obama (right) appeared on stage before the first presidential debate. In the 2012 presidential election, Obama defeated Romney.

Emily Clarke, Print Chief

President Barack Obama was reelected for a second term on Nov. 6.

According to politico.com, Obama beat Republican nominee Mitt Romney 303 to 206 in the Electoral College. Obama also won the popular vote 59,653,355 to 57, 024,889. Florida is the only state that it is still undecided.

“I feel terrible. Obama is going to run up the national debt within the country,” senior Ryan Hart said.

Senior Kiana Wright had a different view. “I feel like Obama will give people with less opportunity more of a chance for a better quality of life,” Wright said.

In Maryland, all of the seven questions on the ballot were passed. The major questions on the ballot included the Civil Marriage Act, the Dream Act, redistricting, and gambling.

Junior Brian Matejevich feels the Dream Act is unfair. “They are taking my opportunities away.”

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