News Flashes: Battelle Woman’s Panel Discussion, TV Production


Emily Cassidy, Brianna Glase, A&E Editor, Online Chief

Girls invited to Battelle Woman’s Panel Discussion

Members of the STEM Academy and other girls interested in science have been invited to The Battelle Woman’s Panel Discussion at the Battelle Science and Technology Center in Aberdeen on Friday March 16.

The Battelle panel discussion is celebrating women in science, technology, engineering and math.

All STEM students plus any other interested female students were welcome to attend.

There will be nine different speakers during the “Women Inspiring Innovation through Imagination” discussion panel. The panelists will speak about their jobs as public accountants, microbiologists, or managers of software test engineering along with other jobs pertaining to science, technology, engineering, and math.

“JC is partners with the organization and they have been really generous with working with the STEM kids,” Science Department Chair and one of the organizers for the field trip Dr. Julie Baker said.

 Emily Cassidy is a A&E Editor for The Patriot and

Schick adjusts TV Production to better replicate realistic newscasts

The next time advisories view the JC TV News, they will no longer be watching students at a table read off the Daily Bulletin. Instead, TV Production teacher Bob Schick has restructured the class so that students will be able to create more realistic newscasts.

Up until this semester, every week one of the two sections of TV Production would film the JC TV News the same way. However, students sitting behind a table reading off of a paper got “boring for the students to watch, and it eventually becomes boring for the students to do,” Schick said.

Instead, the usual reading of the Daily Bulletin with weather and sports reports will be interspersed with “packages” of interviews on a certain topic, such as Spanish teacher Deirdre Magner’s trip to Spain this summer.

“We’re doing a newscast like CNN or something would do … Today’s viewer expects more production value,” Schick said.

However, with the implementation of this new plan comes an adjustment period. “It takes a while to film and put together, especially since this is their first attempt,” Schick said. “I think it’s going to be awesome, we just have to get faster so we can produce more content.”

 Brianna Glase is the Online Chief for The Patriot and