NHS officers elected for upcoming school year


Hope Kelly, Managing Editor

NHS Officers elected for upcoming school year

After the candidates gave their speeches, the National Honor Society elected officers on May 17 in the auditorium for the upcoming school year.

According to NHS moderator Paul Lazor, this year three people ran for president and two people ran for vice president which he found “good” compared to last year when everyone ran unopposed.

After voting, junior Travis Nelson was chosen as President, and junior Madison Meyer was selected as Vice President. In addition, junior Alex Gromacki was elected Secretary, and Lindsay Kraus was elected as Senior Member at Large.

“I think they are all very enthusiastic,” Lazor said. He thinks they will work to improve the group service project NHS is required to complete each year by getting students involved and excited.

“I’m very excited to be NHS president next year,” Nelson said. “Something that I want to focus on is our group service project, as well as increasing our honor society’s presence in the community. It’s a great opportunity.”

Hope Kelly is a Managing Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.