Music Dept. plans trip to Disney World next June


Cole Alban, Managing Editor

The three major ensembles of the Music Department, band, chorus, and orchestra, will be going to Disney World to perform around June 9, 2014.

The Music Department performs at Disney parks in events like parades or on stages throughout the park every few years. They could perform in any one of the parks in which Disney decides. “We will have one major performance there,” Music Director Marc Bolden said.

According to Bolden, “We have been going down to Disney for about 12 years [not consecutive] as far as I know but there have been trips before me as well.” The Music Department typically goes down for five to six days according to Bolden. “Each group usually performs one day and the other days they roam the park,” Bolden said. “It’s a blast. For many it is their first time away from home or in Disney.”

The Music Department also went in 2011 which was the last time they went. The performance did not go as planned due to weather issues, Bolden said. “We were at MGM for our performance, the weather was bad and it started to rain. “We got rushed and not many people were there due to the weather,” Bolden said.

However there is more optimism surrounding the next trip. Freshman Eric Wright who is in orchestra, is excited to go. “I’ve never been to Disney so it is an interesting thing to do and going with friends will be fun.”

Cole Alban is a Managing Editor for the Patriot and