Stem Day at JC


Robotics Club showcased their work with robotics within one of the STEM classes. The Robotics presentation finished off STEM Day,

Attempting to defeat the pull of gravity, prospective JC students studied and tested the science of aerodynamics. They diligently constructed paper airplanes that would be efficient enough to use thrust and direction to land in a specific area.

Along with testing the aerodynamics of an airplane, the students participated in several studies of science and math on STEM day. STEM day is an annual event at JC held for the third time on Oct. 26. 33 7th and 8th graders attended STEM day and were introduced into the STEM academy at JC. They were shown what they can do with studies and creative thinking.

The students conducted labs, learned the science of aerodynamics, deciphered codes, attempted to drop eggs without breaking them, were introduced to civil engineering, and found how to structure a machine. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, and the students were able to study within each of those fields in just one day.

“It is helping me find what path I would like to go on for my career,” Anne Iorio, a 7th grader from St. Joan of Arc, said.

“One of the goals of STEM is to get the students interested in math and science and to get them to work at it,” STEM coordinator Courtney Hugo said

Volunteers taught and instructed the studies that were taken part in during the day. Four volunteers came from the Harford County Senior Science Society and one volunteer from Battelle, a leading research organization of science and technology, along with faculty and student volunteers.

“I really appreciate all of the help that we have received on STEM day from the volunteers,” Hugo said.

Two years ago JC introduced the STEM Academy into the curriculum. STEM day presented the development of the academy throughout the two years and what the students learn from their classes. STEM provides students with a directive of classes that include extensive studies of sciences and mathematics at JC.

Hugo hopes “we can provide them with chances to succeed with challenges.”

Erica Kelble is a Multimedia Editor for The Patriot and