News Updates: Seniors retreat to new location


Lauren Glase, News Editor

Senior Retreat, taking place from March 6 to March 7, will be held at The Chesapeake Lodge at Sandy Cove, rather than at its previous location, Willow Valley.

“For quite a few years I took seniors to Willow Valley,” Campus Minister Patti Murphy-Dohn said.

Willow Valley, in Lancaster, PA, was “bought out by [the hotel] Double Tree Hilton,” Murphy-Dohn said. “There were a lot of changes that affected, not just us, but [other] religious groups.”

Murphy-Dohn was in need of a new location to hold the retreat. She chose to use Sandy Cove Ministries, located in North East, MD in Cecil County. “Their facilities are beautiful,” Murphy-Dohn said. It is located right on the Chesapeake Bay.

Not only is this location closer to JC than Willow Valley was, but it is a location specifically designed for ministry and retreats. It will “accommodate our group of almost 200 people,” Murphy-Dohn said, without the worry of disrupting other paying guests.

Murphy-Dohn had previously used this site for faculty day trips, but “it’s [our] first time staying the night.”

According to Murphy-Dohn, “I’ve already booked next year’s retreat [there].”

Lauren Glase is a News Editor for The Patriot and