Turf Fields planned for JC


Cole Alban

The administration uses this board to track funds raised for the construction of the turf field. Each sticker represents 250 dollars raised.

The plan to construct a turf field to replace the existing football field was revealed at a public football meeting on March 26. The meeting was called to discuss the upcoming season. The administration explained the plan and what fundraising would be required for construction of the field.

At the March 26 meeting, there was already $250,000 raised. $200,000 was raised from the Capital Campaign and $50,000 came from the Arena Club. The Arena Club also offered to give $50,000 more if JC was able to raise $50,000 within the following week.

According to Vice President of Institutional Advancement Kurt Sudbrink, as of April 9 there was $122,000 raised from 175 donors. This was enough for the arena club to donate an additional $50,000, which adds up to $422,000 raised. According to Sudbrink, there must be $78,000 raised by April 11 for construction of the field to be possible. Alumni donations have made up 63 percent of the money raised so far.

According to President Richard O’Hara, the school would need one million dollars raised by Sept. 1 for construction of the field to be possible. In addition, if $1.3 million is raised by Sept. 1, two turf fields can be constructed. If $2.5 million is raised, then two turf fields, new lights, and new locker rooms can be constructed.

“We have to get this turf field. These [athletes] deserve it,” O’Hara said.

“We need a turf field. It is such a disadvantage to our kids to have to play inside when they should be outside,” lacrosse coach and Russian teacher Ed Miller said. “I think [the turf field] will become a reality. I really do believe it can happen if we all pitch in.”

Cole Alban is the Online Chief for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.