JC bleeds for Red Cross


Kristen Isoldi

Senior Austin Kiss waits for his turn to give blood. The Blood Drive was sponsored by the Red Cross and held in the Brown room on Jan. 31.

The Blood Drive at JC, sponsored by the American Red Cross, was held on January 31, 2015 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Brown Room. According to SAC leader Rodney Johnson, around 25-30 people donated blood.

Of the people donating blood, 14 were non-JC students who had signed up to help out the Red Cross.

Social studies teacher Robert Schick donated to the blood drive, which has added to his total of donating blood 72 times in his life.

“Blood that I just donated is going to go into someone that really needs it. That’s why I do it and it’s not that hard to do,” Schick said.

The track team also had their championship meet on the same day as the blood drive and was advised by track coach Robert Torres to not donate blood.

“I told them not to donate because we have a very important meet and the athletes would not be able to perform their best. Having less blood would not be a good thing while running. If it was not the championship meet I would be fine with the athletes giving blood,” Torres said.

According to runner  junior Grace Glinecki, ”I was not going to donate blood even if I didn’t have the track championships because I am afraid of needles.”

Senior Austin Kiss was one of the students who decided to donate his blood to the blood drive.

“I donated to help people who need it. This is my second time. I did it last year, too,” Kiss said.

Johnson did not start the Blood Drive, but took over when he came to teach at JC.

“I started donating in high school. I was in charge of it from the student end. It is something I believe strongly in,” Johnson said.

Kristen Isoldi is an A&E Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.