News Updates: Prom venue moves back to aquarium


As Prom approaches, seniors are excited for the night of festivities. It will be held on April 25 at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. In past years, Prom has been held at the aquarium, with the exception of last year’s being held on the boat The Spirit of Baltimore.

Last year, when the class were juniors, there were two surveys sent out. Three options were given to the class: The National Aquarium of Baltimore, Ripken Stadium, or The Spirit of Baltimore. Of the two surveys sent out, the majority of students voted for the aquarium.

Although the aquarium is the most expensive of the three, it has been a popular choice for senior classes in past years. This year the after-prom “party,” run by The Parent Association, is at Dave and Buster’s. The Prom ends at midnight and students will immediately be bused there from the aquarium.

The senior class held multiple fundraisers. The Senior Variety Show raised over 8,000. The Basket Bingo did well too, with half of the profit going to the after-prom.

“The Senior Variety Show on Nov. 25 and 26  was a success. The Basket Bingo on Feb. 27 was an even bigger success,” Senior Class Moderator Carrie Siemsen said.

The tickets are being sold for $100 and have been on sale since March 30.

Eleanor Werneke is a Lifestyles Editor for The Patriot and