Envirothon team comes in third


Elizabeth Harmison

The Envirothon team and its moderators Julie Baker and Gray Switalski pose for a picture after practice. The team came in third place at a competition on April 27.

On April 27, the JC Envirothon team competed at the Harford Glen Environmental Center and won third place in the Harford County League.

Envirothon tests students on their knowledge of environmental issues and topics. Each team competes in six events, and at the end of the competition, the school with the most cumulative points wins.

The team collectively takes five tests, each worth one hundred points, on a variety of subjects “ranging everywhere from tree identification to soil composition,” according to junior team member Edward Benner. They also perform an oral presentation on an environmental issue where they examine the problem and present a solution. The issue at their most recent competition dealt with invasive aquatic species.

To understand the material, the team practices regularly, in addition to holding a training day over Easter Break. “Over break we have a training day where we go to Broad Creek and we spend the day learning about forestry, soil, aquatics, and wildlife,” Envirothon moderator Julie Baker said.

The team enjoys winning, but they also appreciate their detailed study of the environment. “I’ve always been very concerned with protecting the environment, and this is a way for me to learn about the environment and how to protect it,” junior team member Elizabeth Butz said.

Envirothon also provides students with an opportunity to refine important skills that apply to all areas of life. “It helps prepare us for the real world, it doesn’t only teach us about the environment, it gives us public speaking skills and leadership abilities,” junior team member Caleb Olsen said.

The team as a whole feels that what sets them apart from their competitors is the bond that they share with each other. “I would say that our team is a lot closer than other teams and we were all friends before we even joined,” Butz said.

Grace Mottley is a News Editor for The Patriot and jcpatriot.com.