In case you missed it: Week of Oct. 4

The Patriot recaps what has happened over the past week in the community and makes sure nothing passed you by. Have a look, and catch up on the news just in case you missed it.


James Keller

Students cheer as physics teacher Anthony Davidson is knocked to the ground during a game of bubble-soccer at the Spirit Week pep rally. The pep rally took place Friday, Oct. 7 in the Upper Gym.

Speech and Debate
Due to the absence of coaches, the Speech and Debate meet at JC on Thursday, Oct. 6 was cancelled.

Spirit Week
Spirit Week kicked off with Couch Potato Day on Monday, Oct. 3. Nationality Day, Costume Day, Class Color Day, and Black and Gold Day followed consecutively. Spirit Week came to an end on Saturday, Oct. 8 with the Homecoming dance.

Pep Rally
The pep rally took place Friday afternoon from 1:50 to 2:45 in the upper gym. Students and teachers played against each other in a game of bubble soccer. Teachers were pied in the face, and normal chanting and cheering ensued between classes. Students rushed the court despite the administration’s protests, causing seniors to be dismissed and the rest of the student body to be reprimanded.

The senior women defeated the juniors in the 2016 powderpuff game on Friday. They won 18-12. Senior Charlotte Haggerty scored all three touchdowns for the seniors, while junior Savannah Simmons scored both touchdowns for the juniors.

Homecoming Football Game
On Friday, the varsity football team lost by one point to Boys’ Latin School. JC trailed the entire game, but nearly caught up to Boys’ Latin in the fourth quarter. JC scored, bringing it to 21-20, but an extra point was blocked, costing them the game. The final score was 21-20.

Hurricane Matthew
Hurricane Matthew slammed into the Florida coastline Thursday night and Friday morning. It was a category-four storm with 130 mph wind speeds. It travelled along the coast, and on Saturday, it made landfall in the Carolinas as a category-two storm.The storm has has killed at least 38 people in the U.S.

Before hitting the U.S., Hurricane Matthew hit Caribbean countries including Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, and the Bahamas. It was the first category-four storm to make landfall in Haiti since 1964. According to The Weather Channel, the death toll in Haiti has reached at least 877 people.

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