In case you missed it: Week of Feb. 13

The Patriot recaps what has happened over the past week in the community and makes sure nothing passed you by. Have a look, and catch up on the news just in case you missed it.


Grace Mottley

Director of Advancement Todd Sullivan waits for parents at the teacher parking lot to give them a flower in honor of Valentine’s Day. Students were also given flowers during their advisories which were sent to them by their peers through the National Honors Society.

Valentine’s Day Flowers
This past Tuesday, Feb. 14, JC celebrated Valentine’s Day. As a fundraiser for the National Honor Society, flowers were sold leading up to Valentine’s Day. In advisory on Tuesday, students received the flowers that their friends or significant others had bought for them.

Quarter Three Mid Quarter Reports
On Tuesday, Feb. 14, mid quarter reports were reviewed. These reports determined the eligibility of students for sports and other extracurricular activities.

Club Photos
Club photos were taken on Thursday, Feb. 16. Throughout the school day, students left class to be in photos for clubs they actively participate in. There was a published schedule so students knew when they had to leave class and could notify their teachers. Each club took at least four normal photographs and were then given the opportunity to take a funny photograph.

Holocaust Movie Showings
For Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is on March 7, juniors and seniors have the opportunity to hear two survivors tell their story. In order to provide some background for students, Senior Project Coordinator Louise Géczy showed two movies last week which dealt with the Holocaust. On Tuesday, Feb. 14, Defiance was shown to provide background for Marsha Tishler’s speech on March 7. On Thursday, Feb. 16, Schindler’s List was shown to provide background for Halina Silber’s speech which is also on March 7.

Many students, including junior Reece Falter, attended one of the showings. “I think it was awesome that we had an opportunity to get background information on the topics of our guest speakers,” Falter said.

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