Friday asynchronous days officially begin for students

Cameron Gibson, Media & Online Chief

A new version of the schedule has officially begun. This past Friday students had their first asynchronous day.

Beginning on the first day of school on August 31, the school community attended classes purely virtually. On October 5, the hybrid element was added with students attending once a week.
Beginning on Monday, October 19, the newest routine has JC students attending virtual classes three days a week, in-person learning once a week, and one asynchronous day each Friday.
On asynchronous days, students do not have to formally sign into their class Teams meetings with their teachers. Teachers post assignments on Veracross by 8:00 am for classes that do meet, and students must complete the work before the following class.
This is closer to how school was done in the spring when the school building initially closed due to COVID.
On asynchronous days, the only time students have to sign in is for Advisory. This is for attendance purposes.
Asynchronous days are beneficial to students for a number of reasons: it allows them to sleep in; it allows them to do work on their own time, and it allows them to be away from their computers.
Whatever the reason, many students are looking forward to these days.
Before the first asynchronous day, senior Sarah Nelson said, “I am looking forward to asynchronous days because I can sleep in and can work at my own pace and take breaks when I need to. I hate staring at a screen for 55 minutes straight during class, so asynchronous days will allow me to take breaks when I need them.”
Staring at a screen all day is something students don’t enjoy. Asynchronous days will allow for students to take a break as they need from screens.
Another student who was looking towards asynchronous days is senior Jake Hopkins.
“I am looking forward to asynchronous days because they will give me a chance to work at my own pace, and I don’t have to check into class. I like that they will be able to give me a chance to walk away from the computer on Fridays,” said Jake.
After experiencing her first asynchronous day on Friday, October 23, senior Morgan Lewis said, “I was happy to sleep in and not have to worry about getting up to go to school. I really liked being able to work when I wanted.”
Vice Principal of Academics Jake Hollin said, “I think overall the start of having Fridays as an asynchronous day went pretty well. Obviously, as time goes on we will have more feedback from both teachers and students to know if we have to adjust as we go, but overall there seemed to be positive feedback from both students and teachers.”