COVID-19 impacts Performing Arts

Allyson Jones, Staff Writer

Performing Arts plays an important role in the JC community from the dance program and musical theater.

With the transition back and forth between hybrid and virtual school with the continued rise of COVID-19 and the anticipation of a musical and dance recital, John Carroll is faced with a unique situation.
Mrs. Laura Ward-Morgan, the director of the College Preparatory Dance Program, said, “Dance is a physical art form. It is meant to be taught in-person. The dancers thrive off of the energy of one another and their teachers. Learning through a screen, a physical art form, will naturally have its challenges. Regardless, we rose to the occasion successfully.”
Dancers log into Teams and continue to learn choreography and new techniques for class.
Sophomore Ashleigh Eyler said, “Class is conducted in a very organized way. In Ballet, we do exercise on the barre then move to the center and work on various things. In Modern we do under curve and high arch exercises, lateral exercises, jumping exercises and more. Some challenges in virtual learning are finding a good space to have class. It hard to do moves full out because of the space we use at home.”
Dance students at JC had a planned performance the week prior to break; it has now been rescheduled to February because of the pandemic.
Sophomore Chloe Davies said, “I feel sad that our performance was rescheduled. Our show last year was postponed then canceled, and I fear this year the same thing will happen. ‘The Nutcracker’ is a holiday season tradition for many dancers, whether it be going to see it or participating in a production of it, but with the rescheduling, that tradition may be quite different this year. I hope that eventually, we get to perform, especially since we all put a lot of hard work into rehearsals and had so much fun in practices together.”
The musical theater department has faced the same challenges; the planned fall musical has been canceled.
Sophomore Gracious Ndungu said, “In regard to the fall musical, we are trying to do a Broadway showcase and virtual event in place of it.”
Performing Arts has been faced with many challenges because of COVID-19. Social distancing and wearing masks make it much more difficult to do.