Student Government Association finalizing plans for Spirit Week & Homecoming 2021

COVID challenges alter normal indoor activities including pep rally and dance

Aeowynn Ayres, Entertainment Editor

Spirit Week and Homecoming have been highly-anticipated by students since the reopening of school after COVID-19. With still so much uncertainty, students have been wondering if Homecoming would happen at all for the 2021-2022 school year.

“The SGA is working to make Spirit Week and the Homecoming Dance as normal as possible. The continuing pandemic will be bringing some of the activities outside, but as of right now, we will be having a full Spirit Week as well as a Homecoming Dance,” said SGA Co-Moderator Allison Hall.
Most of the activities for the 2020 Homecoming were canceled due to the pandemic.
While public schools in areas like Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties have either canceled or postponed their Homecoming Dances for the school year, plans for the JC Homecoming Dance are moving forward.
Sophomore Brianna Hinkleman said, “I’m really excited to have a Homecoming this year. I’ve never been to one since everything was shut down last year, so all of these activities are new to me.”
Junior Dylan Mannlein commented, “I’m actually looking forward to Homecoming and Spirit Week this year since I haven’t had it in two years.”
SGA Co-Moderator Anthony Davidson confirmed activities for the week. “We have a full Spirit Week planned with activities and Dress Down Days each day.”
He added that both the Friday pep rally and the Saturday dance will be held outside this year.
The theme for this year’s Homecoming Dance will be “A Haunted Homecoming.” Tickets will be $30 and will go on sale in the school store beginning on Monday, October 4 and ending on Friday, October 15. No tickets will be sold at the door.
While students are allowed to bring outside guests to the dance, the guests themselves have to be registered early.
The Homecoming Dance will take place on Saturday, October 23 from 7-10 pm in the employee lot. Because it will be outside, the rain date will be on Sunday, October 24. In the event the rain date has to be used, the following Monday would be an Asynchronous Day for students and teachers.
“For some of the Spirit Week activities, we will be looking for the individual class councils to recruit class members for things like the courtyard window decorating and various games,” commented Dr. Davidson.
One popular activity from 2019 that will return is the daily ring search. Students will be provided with a clue each day in order to search for a large John Carroll ring. Prizes will be awarded for individuals who find the ring.
One activity that is being changed this year is the Powderpuff game.
As an alternate activity, there will be an ultimate football game for the junior and senior ladies and a field goal kick challenge for the freshmen and sophomores.
“Last year was really tough because we did not have many events for Homecoming Week. The decision to change Powderpuff is disappointing, but I look forward to having something to spend time together as a school. We want to keep everyone safe and healthy to have the best year possible,” said SGA President Max Snellenburg.