Social media trends influence millions of students

TikTok has led to more challenges and destructive ideas

Annabel Everett, Staff Writer

This year has differed in more ways than one as it has brought new challenges, findings, and hope to us all.

Among the changing world exists a surplus of new social media trends accessible to millions of teenagers in America. Whether these trends are helpful or harmful to the average student is up to the interpretation of the individual.
The common expression, “all things in moderation” applies to social media.
The use of social media and participating in trends is important because it is an outlet for many students as well as a way to connect and relate with other people.
Assistant Principal Jake Hollin said, “I think there are some really good benefits to social media such as staying in touch and spreading good news.”
However, the alternative is true that lapses in judgment can occur if people misuse their power on social media.
“(In social media, there are) dangers involved in encouraging destructive behavior and/or harassment, so I think we should be careful that those tools are used for good, and not bad,” said Mr. Hollin.
TikTok in particular, has introduced new things such as the “Devious Lick” trend that have become so popular that they seem to be normalized in schools across America.
Mr. Hollin explained that the school is aware of these challenges involving destructive behavior, and he hopes that students would not follow the negative trends.
Students’ opinions on the topic of social media trends in school vary, but everyone seems to agree that trends can be distracting to students in school, however, they can also be a great way for students to decompress.
Junior Giada Scotto Di Carlo, commented, “While TikTok or social media trends in general can be distracting to students in a school setting or focused environment, I feel like they also provide students with the opportunity to enjoy their free time and school day.”
Junior Olivia Chesla agrees that social media trends let important information spread fast, but they can also spread harmful and destructive ideas and rumors.
As long as the trends inflict no harm to the school and its students and faculty, participation in social media trends can be used as a way to relieve stress and connect with other people.
Mr. Hollin said, “I think sending messages of appreciation, of gratitude, of encouragement, are important, and we all have the opportunity to do so.”
Mr. Hollin continued, “(Trends are) a good reminder that people should be using social media to build one another up, rather than tearing one another down.”