Goedeke announced as the new Campus Minister

Sydney Miller, Media & Online Chief

As a member of the religion department, Mr. Kenneth Goedeke is going from a full time teacher to taking over as the new campus minister. Mr. Goedeke has been involved with teaching religion to the youth since 2003.

With much experience Mr. Goedeke will transition into this role at the start of second semester when a new religion teacher is hired to take over his classes. Having worked at St. Isaac Jogues Parish, Calvert Hall College, St. Margaret Parish, and St. Ignatius Parish he is prepared to “foster the mission of the school, uplifting the dignity of all of our members and providing authentic encounters with the Divine.”
After teaching students in a classroom for so long, he said that he will miss the “unique way in which I can reach student in the classroom.”
Mr. Goedeke said that as the Director of Mission and Ministry, he “will need to work harder at establishing those relationships with the students that can lead into authentic encounters with them where we experience God’s grace.”
Mr. Goedeke said, “It’s all about the students.”
When he becomes the fulltime campus minister, he hopes “to foster student leadership within the school and create a student peer ministry program that will empower students to accompany each other on their faith journey.”
Mr. Goedeke believes that peer-to-peer interaction is often a powerful experience. He also believes that a teacher’s, coach’s, counselor’s, and other staff member’s, job is a “form of ministry.”
He said, “All of our team members are campus minsters, and we work together to “empower a diverse student population to attain its highest potential.”
In addition to being the campus minister, Mr. Goedeke is working toward becoming a permanent deacon, hoping to graduate in 2023. He is also perusing a master’s degree in Christian Ministry.
Although Mr. Goedeke will miss teaching religion in a classroom every day, he is excited to “create an environment in the school that welcomes those encounters and recognizes them as moments of grace.”