Snow days already dwindle before the winter begins

John Carroll returns to following bad weather calls made by HCPS

Madison Elliott, News Editor

The winter season is the time of year where, for many students, snow days become something to look forward to.

A snow day, in the past, has been a complete day off from school when students have the day to relax and do what they please without falling behind or missing classes.
Looking into this year, snow days have become a topic of debate and a little unclear on what is exactly going on with them.
Assistant Principals Danica Attanasio and Jake Hollin explained more about this school year’s use of snow days, decisions made, and what future snow days may look like.
For starters, JC needs to have 170 days within a school year. This is required by the state of Maryland, so it is a major factor to how the use of snow days will impact the school year.
There is always potential for running out of snow days. The question then asked was what will be the solution if JC runs out of snow days but yet is faced with a circumstance preventing in person learning?
Mrs. Attanasio said, “We don’t have a complete answer on that yet.” Beyond this, “the options would be synchronous learning, taking other days off or adding them to the end of the year.”
JC planned for three snow days for this school year. One was used already for heavy rain, and another was a planned day used to extend Thanksgiving break.
Another decision recently made about inclement weather and snow days called was the decision to follow the Harford County Public Schools (HCPS) calls regarding these matters.
Last year JC chose not to follow HCPS, but rather make decisions separately. “The reason we did not follow them last year was because they were completely virtual,” Mrs. Attanasio said.
The reason JC has gone back to following HCPS calls was because “they have a lot more people out on the road, checking conditions.”
HCPS has buses on the road and plenty of drivers, allowing for a wide-spread number of people to cover the roads to inform others of conditions. This then makes more sense for JC to follow the calls made by HCPS.