Black Student Union promotes equality for Black History Month

Meghan Kerr, Senior Coverage Editor

Sophomore Tatiana Wilkins, the leader of the JC Black Student Union, described the mission of the club is to “teach about Black History and Black Excellence and to remind everyone that Black History is still being made today.”

February is Black History Month in the United States. The month is used to commemorate and honor the black individuals and events that had an impact on the African American History of the United States.
The Black Student Union holds meetings once a cycle during G days. During the meetings they speak about racial issues “to help students of color feel included in this predominantly white institution,” explained Tatiana.
The Black Student Union, or BSU, has been instituting their plans for Black History Month. Tatiana said, “We are making announcements on the morning announcements to briefly discuss different people who make up Black Excellence, and we are sharing different cultural experiences including music, food, and cultures on the BSU Instagram.”
Some of the prominent black figures the BSU is highlighting on the announcements this month include Toni Morrison, Cecilia Makiwane, Madame C.J. Walker, W.E.B DuBois, Amanda Gorman, and Sydney Poitier.
Through highlighting black figures on the announcements, the BSU hopes to emphasize African American History which is often forgotten about. BSU Moderator Tara Milburn said, “I think that some of the things we really strive for are to show a lot of the successes and joys and to show that there is a lot that goes into the black experience outside of slavery and activism.”
Running the BSU as a sophomore has impacted Tatiana in a positive way. She said, “It has definitely made me more confident and courageous because you have to talk about race issues, and you can’t just let it slide. When you talk about race issues, you have to say something about it, especially being a leader of the club.”
However, Tatiana does not do everything on her own. She has assistance from moderators and outside guests to help make her ideas realities.
Tatiana said, “They’re so helpful, I love their creative ideas. I love their creativity. I can’t think of everything alone; it is a union, so that’s why it’s nice to have a lot of helpers.”
Students who wish to further support the BSU during Black History Month are free to join the BSU regardless of race.
Individuals are also able to follow the BSU Instagram for updates about the club and events where they can show their support.
Finally, Tatiana added that everyone at JC can support Black History Month just by “being an ally” to people of color.