Goedeke leads new peer ministry program

Allison Coyne, Photography & Art Editor

A new program on campus will allow students to grow in their Catholic faith and leadership skills.

Campus Minister Kenneth Goedeke began the peer ministry program “in order to equip and empower student leadership in the school in a way that would benefit our overall school mission,” which states, “…we prepare students to positively influence a global society as critical thinkers and creative problem solvers while being socially responsible, spiritually centered and morally grounded in our Catholic beliefs.”
Mr. Goedeke said, “The main goal of these new programs is to invite, form, and support our student leaders to use their gifts to build up our school community.” Each position is a leadership opportunity that is “empowering students to develop their own faith story and then share it with each other.”
The new program is split into four groups: Liturgy/Mass Helpers, Prayer Leaders, Activity Leaders, and Leadership Team. The different groups will allow students to be involved in the Catholic community at different levels.
The Liturgy and Mass Helpers will assume a wide-range of roles both during Mass and behind-the-scenes. Lectors, alter servers, and Eucharistic ministers will all assist in Mass. Those on the tech crew and creative crew will help set up, run technology, and create visuals that will be used during Mass.
Student Prayer Leaders will read the Prayer and Pledge in the morning, along with leading school-wide prayer services. Activity Leaders will aid with orientation, retreats, and faith sharing groups, along with other various events.
The Leadership Team will be a “core group of student leaders who help plan and implement various Campus Ministry programs throughout the year,” said Mr. Goedeke. 12 students from the Class of 2023 and nine students from the Class of 2024 will make up the Leadership Team for the next school year.
One event already planned for the Leadership Team is an overnight retreat in August “to get away together and reflect, gain important leadership skills, and begin planning the various retreats and activities throughout the year,” explained Mr. Goedeke.
Sophomore Rachel Saacks said, “I signed up to be a part of the Leadership Team because I was really inspired by Mr. Goedeke’s enthusiasm for the program. I am most excited to help out with retreats and orientation because I love reaching out and connecting with new people.”
Junior Zachary Dickens said his goal as a peer minister is “to help the school and its students grow in any way that I can.”
He felt joining the program is “a great opportunity to both learn and to teach, to grown in my faith and outside of it.”