Parking not allowed without pass

Faith Menefee, Staff Writer

As Patriots get their licenses, some will want to drive on their own to school. In order to park on campus, students must purchase a special pass.

There have been incidents of students leaving their cars running, and parking passes help to identify who the car belongs to so they can turn it off.

Students were recently reminded that they needed passes as it was becoming more evident that students were driving to school without passes. In some cases, students who had purchased passes were finding it difficult to find spaces as they were taken by students without passes.

Part of Dean of Students Mark Modeste’s role is to make sure students in the parking lot have a parking pass on their windshield. If a car in the parking lot does not have a parking pass, the student will be notified as a warning.

There have been times when students will take another car to school and forget their parking pass in the other car. If a student does not have a parking pass and has multiple warnings, they can get their parking passes suspended for a period of time.

At the beginning of the school year, an email went out to all families about purchasing a parking pass for the year. At the start of the year, passes are $50, and if a student waits until the second semester, passes are $25.

If a student does not pick up their pass, and it is not there while Mr. Modeste checks, the student will first receive a warning. A second time will be a detention if the student has still not picked up their parking pass.

There are no assigned parking spots in the student lot; however, if students park in the employee lot, there could be consequences.