Chalk and Von Lange move into new National Honor Society role

Lazor steps down as NHS moderator

The National Honor Society (NHS) is a society that includes high achieving students who are dedicated to scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Being in this honor society is a pleasure in itself, but a good mentor and moderator is what makes it an enjoyable experience.

Until this year, social studies teacher Dr. Paul Lazor was in charge. Dr. Lazor has always been a big supporter of high student academic achievement.    Dr. Lazor was very interested in the service pillar of the NHS. “I’m a big advocator for service and student participation of service” said Dr. Lazor.

Every year, the NHS moderator, with help from the student officers, tries to set up a service project for all members of the NHS.

Last year, the service project was collecting household materials for the needy. “Unfortunately, I didn’t receive the amount of participation I was looking for,” said Dr. Lazor. Although the service project did not go as well as planned last year, there were still a large number of juniors inducted, and it was an overall success.

Dr. Lazor decided to step down from being the moderator and has now left it in the hands of English teacher Kevin Chalk, and math teacher Courtney Von Lange.

Mr. Chalk was happy to receive the chance to become the co-moderator for the NHS. “The opportunity presented itself, and I was very excited to get to know the NHS community,” said Mr. Chalk.

As a second year teacher at JC, Mr. Chalk was excited to become more involved with the student body.

Like Dr Lazor, Mr. Chalk wants to focus on the service pillar of the NHS.

“I want to further the students service involvement,” said Mr. Chalk.

A change that is being made is making the NHS at JC more streamlined. “I want to digitize and make everything easier,” said Mr. Chalk.

Another change being made is the reliance on the student officers.

“I am equally ready to listen to students’ ideas, rather them simply direct them,” said Mr. Chalk.

Having the students more involved could potentially increase awareness of the NHS, and make it more than something to put on a resume.

With the two new co-moderators and the standard set by Dr. Lazor, the 2019-2020 school year promises a great year for the NHS. Students will be more involved with service activities such as a new peer tutoring program set up by one of the members.

Mr. Chalk and Mrs. Von Lange are expected to be great in their new role.

“I have complete confidence in leaving the NHS in their hands,” said Dr. Lazor.

NHS president Emma Balint is excited about the changes being made. “A lot of steps are being taken to make the NHS more prominent in JC,” said Emma.

The student officers have more service trips planned along with additional field trips related to high-achieving students.

Emma is also excited that Mr. Chalk and Mrs. Von Lange are taking over.   “They have a lot of energy and good ideas,” said Emma.