JC Insider: Alumnus receives honors, set to speak at graduation; Strategic Plan nears release

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Alumnus receives prestigious award

The selection committee of the Alumni Association unanimously agreed that the recipient of the 2010 Charles K. Riepe Alumni Award will be Jennifer McIntyre, class of ’87.

According to Director of Alumni Relations Sue Greig, “This award is the highest honor that can be given to alumni of The John Carroll School.”

Each year, the Charles K. Riepe Alumni Award is presented to an alum “who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and community service.. and [is] an exemplary role model consistent with the Catholic values and philosophy of The John Carroll School,” said Greig.

McIntyre stood out to the committee because of a job with the State Department working at the embassy in Pakistan that she will be taking in July.

According to Greig, McIntyre has been a nominee for some years, but because of her hectic schedule, she was not able to speak at commencement.

McIntyre will be presented with her award at graduation on June 6 and was invited to deliver a speech at commencement.

For more information on McIntyre, check out her feature story (link to story here).

Strategic plan nears release date

In preparation for the release of the strategic plan, “[Principal Paul] Barker and I have done the first draft of the action steps that go with it for implementation,” President Richard O’Hara said.

The plan is “ambitious,” O’Hara said. “While entering the action steps over the weekend, I saw a lot of good things.”

However, to make sure that the process is “realistic,” the plan will be monitored, with individual responsibilities given to members of the faculty, staff, and administration.  Two people will work on each action step to “increase the chances of people holding each other accountable,” according to O’Hara.

A system will be organized for checking in on a regular basis to track progress because the steps were created to be “as measurable as possible.”

“The stage where it is at now is that most of the content of the action steps is done. This might change slightly,” O’Hara said. “Then we have to assign who’s doing what by when.”

Later in the week, these action steps will be discussed by the strategic planning committee of the Board of Trustees.

The completion of the plan is, according to O’Hara, “what is most crucial to the school.” He added, “[The plan] addresses everything that we need to go from this part to a higher level. It’s very important that we see all aspects of strategic plan as making us better.”

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