Senior girls unite by ordering same class color day shirts

Emily Clarke, Print Cheif

The senior girls will be decked out in matching green shirts for this year’s class color day after Senior Class President Jen Kreis organized for every senior girl to order matching shirts.

Kreis said that senior girls had talked about doing a matching shirt for class color day, but that senior Ashley Crane took the initiative to approach her about actually creating the shirts. According to Kreis, on the day that Crane came to her, a group of senior girls started discussing possible designs with her.

“Senior Becky Hottle pulled up a website on her computer and we chose the fonts, sizes, and design of the shirt, and all five or so girls in the room were in favor of it,” Kreis said.


According to Kreis, 83 out of the 95 senior girls ordered the matching shirts. Kreis said that the shirts were set at a fixed price of $12, but the price could go down depending on the number of shirts ordered.  This would leave the extra money raised to go towards a senior activity or senior prom.


Kreis believes that the unity from buying these shirts is the beginning of an upward trend in school spirit.


“The fact that all of these girls bought these shirts in support of our class on such short notice shows that they want to be united as senior girls on class color day… From what I can tell, we are proud of our school and proud to say that we are seniors here.”

Emily Clarke is the Print Chief for The Patriot and