News Snapshots 2/23 – 3/01

Collin Hoofnagle

Every week, “The Patriot” scours the web to bring you headlines from around the world. Please note that no original reporting is involved. Feel free to discuss these stories at the bottom of the page.

Central Falls, Rhode Island – As part of an effort to clean up education throughout its district, a Rhode Island school board voted to fire all 93 teachers, administrators, and other staff at Central Falls High School. The school, one of lowest-performing schools in the state, is located in a community where the median income is $22,000. For years, the school performed poorly. Half of the 800 students are failing every subject, and only 7 percent are deemed proficient in math. The staff will continue to teach for the remainder of the school year.


Beverly Hills, California – A woman underwent reconstructive surgery after having been saved by her size-D breast implants. Lydia Carranza was involved in a July 1 shooting at a dental clinic, where her co-worker’s husband opened fire. Lydia Carranza was shot in the arm and the chest, and according to her doctor, her implant stopped the bullet from hitting her heart. Carranza’s implant deflated soon after, but she was unable to undergo reconstructive surgery until now because of her wounds.


Paris, France – The French parliament will vote on a proposal that would require men who are considered violent towards their partners to wear electronic ankle-bracelets. Men who receive an order from a court to stay away from their spouses would be required to wear the bracelet, which would alert police if the offender appeared to be approaching his partner. The proposal has support from both of France’s main political parties and is expected to pass easily. Police estimate that around 160 French women are murdered by their partners each year.


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