Ball’s emergency surgery destroys eye tumor

Sydney Setree, Managing Editor

Principal Madelyn Ball was admitted for emergency surgery due to a benign tumor on her optic eye nerve on Nov. 10. The next day she was taken in for surgery, which was successful.

On Nov. 9, Ball sent out an email announcement to faculty members and parents about her absence due to the eye tumor. Originally, the surgery was scheduled to take place after Thanksgiving break. However, Ball’s symptoms increased dramatically, leading to her early admittance.

“From the very beginning [of the school year], she was in good health. This came on very suddenly,” Vice Principal Gary Scholl said.

Ball was permitted to return home on Nov. 12. She is now recovering at her daughter’s home.

“I am amazed how quickly that was accomplished, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she walked into school next week,” Scholl said.

Students, along with faculty, have prayed for Ball’s full recovery and safe return.

“I hope she returns soon in full health,” junior Margaret McGuirk said.

Optimistically, Ball should return back to school in the next two weeks, according to Scholl. However, her return date heavily depends on the progress during her recovery.

 Sydney Setree is a Managing Editor for the Patriot and