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New benches sit well with seniors

Nico Cvach, Layout Editor

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Senior year is finally here, and one of the first privileges we seniors have is to sit on the senior benches. Last year, the senior benches were the same, visibly worn benches that had been in the school entrance hallway for years. But are the new benches better than the old ones?

Yes. The old, ripped senior benches sat in the front hallway, greeting students each morning for years. They needed to be replaced and needed to be clearly labeled.

Underclassmen always seemed to forget the fact that the benches were for seniors only.  Now that the new benches read “Seniors” across the back, I have yet to see any underclassmen sitting on the benches on an off mod.

The new senior benches are a nice gesture from the class of 2010, and though we appreciate them, there is just one problem. Other than the words on the back, what makes the new senior benches any different from any other bench sitting in the hallways?

Last year, the difference was obvious, the senior benches used to be the only benches at school with plush, black cushions, but now the benches are the same design as all of the others. It feels as though the new, cushion less benches take away from the special privilege of the senior bench.

But the new benches are more visually appealing than the old benches, and they offer more room for off mod lounging. The old ones were black and worn out, but the new ones are wooden, sturdy, and clean. With the addition of an extra bench this year, there is more room for seniors and more room for off mod fun.

The new senior benches are a valuable addition to JC. So, thank you class of 2010.

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New benches sit well with seniors