Abundance of snow melts student appreciation

Megan Battaglia, Multimedia Editor

“More snow is headed our way,” Tom Tasselmyer said, WBALTV’s lead weatherman.  After the past two weeks of seemingly endless snow days, I have started to dread hearing those words.

From Jan. 25 to Jan. 30, Harford County  had over 12 inches of snow accumulate.  I’m normally up for the occasional two-day snow break, but once it starts re-occuring each week, I start to grow tired of it.

Recently, all the snow has been doing is causing problems.  When it’s too slippery to go to school, there is no way to leave my house.  What is the point of a snow day if I have to sit cooped up inside all day?

Missing all of these school days also causes my classes to fall behind.  For the past few snow days, the only thing I had been doing was homework and receiving notes from teachers via email. That was not how I wanted to spend this so-called “snow break.”

It seems like Harford County Public Schools will close school whether an inch or a centimeter of snow falls on the ground.

“Harford County Public Schools will be closed today,” read the ticker tape on the bottom of the screen on Tuesday morning. No surprise there.

HCPS and JC have already used up their five allotted snow days and we now have had a total of six snow days.  This now means that days will have to start being taken off of spring break, or added at the end of the school year.

This ridiculous abundance of snow needs to stop. If I wasn’t wishing for spring break last week, I sure am wishing for it now.  It’s time for this winter wonderland to leave Maryland once and for all.

Megan Battaglia is a Multimedia Editor for “The Patriot” and jcpatriot.com.