Barker leaves behind lasting legacy

Ashley Snyder, Opinion Editor

As all students of the school are now aware, Paul Barker, JC principal of 10 years, has announced his resignation.  In his time at JC, Barker has made a lasting impact on the school and its traditions, which will be his legacy at JC in years to come.

Well-known for his spunky bow ties and endearing accent, Principal Barker will leave behind more than just highly discussed fashion choices and a dissection of dialect.  He will also leave behind his impact regarding what he calls “being better,” an attempt to shape JC into an even greater Catholic community.

He challenged students to take on attitudes that were significantly more loving and caring towards one another, and to leave behind old arguments or negative stereotypes.  In “being better,” he presented the idea that everyone benefits from the process not just the person previously affected by stereotypes.

Barker made a large effort to instill values of a love for service, a community that cares, and a love of faith within the students. His creation of a school catchphrase that stresses students being considerate towards others, compelling in their work, and uncompromising in their standards will not soon be forgotten.

As a figure of authority, Barker’s kind way of approaching students and calm manner of dealing with issues of rule infractions is something that will hopefully be emulated by his future replacement.  His treatment of students in an adult manner is often rare in administrators.  He expects the best of students because he believes in their potential.

Barker left some rather large shoes to fill for those that follow him.  In the future, JC’s new principal should try to bring Barker’s spirit of unity and genuine care for the students into his or her new endeavor.  While JC may be receiving a new principal, it should not necessarily be expected to adapt to all-new traditions and practices.

Encouraging students to always strive to be better defined Barker as an administrator that simultaneously cared for his students and expected them to tow the line in terms of discipline.  With luck, future JC principals will continue his legacy.

JC Principal Paul Barker has made a legacy for himself, though he will not be remaining at the school.  With his good character and supportive nature, he leaves high standards for future administrators. Barker will leave behind a lasting impression on the school and will be greatly missed.

Ashley Snyder is the Opinion Editor for “The Patriot” and