Senior conquers Big Schloss on camping trip

Rachel Dinsmore, Multimedia Editor

As a recent participant in social studies teacher Anthony Del Puppo’s senior girls’ Big Schloss camping trip, I believe that everyone should participate in an outdoor trip while in high school. There is something special about climbing a mountain.

While not everyone may be suited for backpacking or sleeping in tents, it is a worthwhile experience for most of the student body.

Panting and struggling up the mountain with a 20-pound pack strapped to my back may not have been my favorite part of the experience, but there is a certain kind of gratification that comes from finally conquering the mountain.  Being slightly out of shape, I was especially proud of myself when I reached the summit.

To become a well-rounded person, it is important to try things outside of one’s comfort zone.  Average high schoolers can be exposed to greatness when they conquer their own physical limits and witness the majesty of nature.

Big Schloss sits on the border of West Virginia and Virginia.  It can be compared to King and Queen’s Seat, but is about 10 times as impressive.  The top of it features nearly 360-degree views of the surrounding area.  In short, it is stunning.

Sitting on top of Big Schloss joking with my classmates and hopping around like mountain goats, I had to wonder why these trips are not more prevalent in the school.  I guess the typical high school student isn’t interested in roughing it in the woods, but I would personally encourage almost everyone to try it at least once. Wilderness explorations are worthwhile experiences, bugs, dirt, pain and all.

Rachel Dinsmore is a Multimedia Editor for “The Patriot” and