Ineligibility process teaches balance in school work

Ineligibility process teaches balance in school work

Grace Kim, Online Chief

People should be given what is due to them.

If one student slacks off and doesn’t do well in school and another student works hard at maintaining their grades and both are allowed to participate in electives, how is that fair?

This is why ineligibility is essential.  If students were allowed to slack off but continue to pursue whatever extracurricular activities they participate in, then school itself would become pointless.  Of course being on a sports team or in the musicals are valuable things for the high school experience, but we attend school to get an education first and foremost.

Ineligibility teaches responsibility and helps students learn to balance everything they’re involved with, early on.  When I go on college tours, a lot of times I hear current college students tell me that sometimes the biggest problem for freshmen can be that they overcommit to a lot of different clubs and activities and can’t maintain their grades, and are therefore overwhelmed.

Ineligibility can be especially important for people who play sports. Athletes have the option of
committing to colleges and obtaining scholarship money for their athletic abilities, but in the end, what will push you through life the furthest is your education.

The message that the school sends when they require athletes to be passing all of their classes is
that grades are still the priority, and when something unexpected happens like an injury, there needs to be a backup plan. If an athlete is given scholarship money but can no longer take it because of their incapacitating injury, they should have academic scholarships as a backup.

With the threat of ineligibility looming over students, students can learn their limitations At
the same time, they can push themselves to do their best on schoolwork along with their activities.  The appeal process is fair, and students do have the option to pick up their grades or appeal, but without ineligibility, these little life lessons would probably never be learned.

 Grace Kim is the Online Chief for The Patriot and