Mini Editorials

Chioma Iheoma, Opinion Editor

Powder Puff resumes position

The Powder Puff game has been returned to a school time event. When the great news was revealed to the entire senior class the upper gym erupted in applause. Even though Variety Show has still been banned, the return of Powder Puff to its traditional time is a great gain for the school as a whole.

Freshmen as well as sophomores, who didn’t get to go to Powder-puff game last year, will be able to enjoy the true spirit of Powder Puff as juniors and seniors get into the game.

C-SPAN introduced to the foyer

When I saw two televisions were placed in the newly renovated foyer, I anticipated them to showcase another laundry list of administrative events or the daily bulletin. The fact that the two televisions are tuned to C-SPAN just shows that the administration is pushing the school forward. Many students aren’t going to stop and stand in the foyer just to watch the news, it promotes the idea that they should, which is a step in the right direction. Showing news is a great chance for the administration to educate soon-to-be voters on the topics, and showing news during the school day is the best way to do that.

Seniors struggle with deadlines

Going through the college process is hard enough without having to worry about the single college counselor being overburdened.

Seniors were told to send their applications in a month early so that Siemsen can keep up with everything. Transcripts take less than five minutes to fill out but applications and essays -+are another story. However, seniors were told two weeks prior to the Oct 1 deadline that they needed these turned in early.  The juniors should be informed of this during their junior year so that their applications and their testing scores are ready before they get swamped with senior activities and work.

School unity goes beyond Spirit Week

With the onslaught of Spirit Week, class unity is coming to the forefront. Class unity is not just sporting your class colors with a smile on your face or covering your laptop in white, red, blue, or green tape. It goes beyond screaming louder than the class across from you in the gym. It doesn’t end at Homecoming on Saturday.

Class unity encompasses working hard along side your classmates to achieve the goals that have been put out of your reach.

This spirit week is a chance for the classes to show the administration that we deserve class color day and that we won’t let them down.

Chioma Iheoma is an Opinion Editor for the Patriot and