Pro v. Con: Class pranks bring students together, should be allowed


Artwork by Christine Kim

Chioma Iheoma, Opinion Editor

This is the pro argument on allowing class pranks.  To view the con click here

It’s hard to create great memories in high school when each memory involves a random teacher hanging out in the background.  Everything that students do is supervised by the administration.  Students should be allowed to do things like pranks that create lasting experiences with their classmates without the help of the administration.

Class pranks, when done correctly, give students another way to create relationships and lasting memories with their class.  They should be allowed, within reason.

Teenagers are characterized as reckless young adults who seek to break the rules whenever possible. With this view in mind, adults see it as impossible to allow any freedom to students.  Despite this, pranks that have been completed by advisories have gone well.

Things like stealing Christmas trees or overturning desks are funny and, if not overdone, won’t negatively impact anyone. The comradery that is formed through planning and completing a prank can’t be recreated with constant adult supervision.

Retreats bring students together through personal stories, but class pranks bring students together through entertainment.  There’s something about making a plan and having it come to life that unites a class, and each one should be allowed to experience this.

Allowing class pranks gives students the chance to make memories without each detail in the hands of an administrator.

Teachers, and students, can participate in these pranks in a positive way.  The prank done by the 2011-2012 class of English teacher Mark Ionescu in which each student left the room with a valid excuse was a clean cut prank that united a class and involved members of the administration.  No one was harmed, no one was left out, and no school property was vandalized.

Attending high school is about learning and about creating experiences.  JC is a learning facility that creates memories, and class pranks should be a part of those.

Chioma Iheoma is an Opinion Editor for The Patriot and