Letter to the Editor: Keith Watson disputes ‘cutting’ in wrestling

I have to take exception with the word “cutting” in the article about wrestling. Wrestlers, for the most part, reduce body fat through diet and exercise. Many wrestlers have no weight issues … some have self-control issues. We are not the weight cutting team, we are the wrestling team

The vast majority of JC’s wrestlers have the self-control to eat healthy, which, along with our practices reduces body fat to about 8-10% … a totally healthy number according to the National High School Federation (7% is the minimum allowable for boys). So … anyone who is “cutting” weight (aka not eating for a prolonged period) is doing so because they have or have had self-control issue when it comes to eating.

Your article paints an unrealistic picture of our sport. Some football players lift weights, then over eat, because they believe it makes become bigger and stronger so that they can excel at their sport … but then again some don’t. Some wrestlers feel that they need to be as lean as possible in order to excel … but then again some don’t.

You might interview George Weber … three time All American and a very successful wrestler, to get a more accurate picture. George has gained about 4-6 pounds during this past wrestling season.

Keith Watson