Limited internships hinder students

Limited internships hinder students

Artwork by Emily Hennegan

Emily Clarke, Print Chief

Programs like senior project are great for helping students prepare for college. But if JC truly wants to prepare its students for the real world, it needs to make internships more easily accessible to all students.

Students are only given internship options in the science field. Besides the science department, only fine arts offers a diploma with distinction. However, the fine arts distinction diploma doesn’t integrate internships into its program.

A key part of the diploma with distinction in science is having an internship over the summer. If no other departments try to get their students internships, then they can’t offer diplomas with distinction. All departments need internship opportunities.

Teachers in the social studies department have connections to political offices and associations and should set up a program that allows the best students to find internships.

Just as the science department has agreements with companies like Battelle and Aberdeen Proving Ground, other departments could make agreements with local companies in relation to their field. The English department should make agreements with local newspapers and magazines, like Bel Air Patch and Harford’s Heart.

The religion department could set up internships with local charity organizations, such as Anna’s House or Habitat for Humanity.

Students would love to get internships, and it is a lot easier if those students already have a foot in the door, thanks to their teachers. While internship opportunities might not be feasible for every department, they are certainly possible for more than just the science department.

Emily Clarke is the Print Chief for The Patriot and