May Report Card: Patriot turns the tables by grading the school on today’s issues

Chioma Iheoma, Opinion Editor

A Reel Great Prom Tradition

Attending Senior Prom in the Baltimore National Aquarium and following it up at Dave and Buster’s: $85.  Being one of very few people who can say they had dolphins at their prom:  Priceless.

JC has managed to turn our prom into something so unique that it can’t be duplicated by other schools.

The only downfall was a delay on bus arrival which was forgotten after hours of games and fun held at Dave and Buster’s.  If the five hour dance had been shortened by an hour to make for more time at D&B’s then the Senior Prom would get an A+.

Rosetta Stone Hits Brick Wall

Commercials for the Rosetta Stone program feature customers raving over how great the product is. However, its implementation has fallen short of being productive.

In order for our state-of-the-art Language Lab to produce positive results, language classes should be making attendance more often than once every two weeks.

These biweekly visits aren’t very helpful when the lessons being taught on Rosetta Stone do not coincide with the lessons that are being taught in the classroom.

Cafe needs Fresh Info

The freshly-made cafeteria food can only be enhanced by having a more thorough “health guide.”

The current “health guide” shows the comparative health of foods based on whether they have red, green, or yellow stickers.  Red is unhealthy, green is healthy, and yellow signifies average health.

This system is nice to have for when students care about health.  If this system was upgraded so that the actual nutritional values for salt, fat, and caloric content were provided, the cafeteria food would be perfect.

Chioma Iheoma is an Opinion Editor for The Patriot and