From the editor: Print Chief Emily Clarke reflects on what sets JC apart

Emily Clarke, Print Chief

Yellow banners are hanging, arranged along the foyer’s ceiling.  The ring fingers of juniors and seniors are decorated with black and gold rings. These things are JC.

JC isn’t the building that you’re in or the uniform you wear every day. It’s the traditions we keep, the people we meet, and the teachers we learn from. If nothing else, four years at JC has taught me that the teachers at this school make it what it is. Everyday teachers are here doing their best so that we, in turn, can do our best.

Teachers and administrators this year have been extremely successful in their reactions to horrendous events. When the school received a bomb threat, the administration took decisive measures to ensure student safety. When the Newtown shooting occurred and schools across the country tightened their security, JC made sure it had a new lockdown drill in place.

JC responded appropriately and with zeal. We all heard Vice Principal of Academics Gary Scholl tell us at the Quarter Three Honors Assembly that it is not how we start a challenge but how we finish it. Why not finish the year out strong by actively planning for the next year?

Go out and be proactive. If future classes want a Variety Show, make plans now. Talk to students now. Come up with solid skits and scripts now. Work with teachers who are on your side now.

Want to actually do something about increasing school spirit? Look into the past for old ideas and apply them to the future. JC has tons of old traditions that slowly faded away. Work on updating those traditions to make them work again. Old yearbooks have pictures of Spirit Weeks that were filled with boy cheerleaders, homecoming floats, and crazy competitions with teachers. Bring back things that were fun and exciting, but not rule-breaking.

Changes do not come from sitting back and waiting to react to the next big event.  Seek new ideas and new horizons that force people to see JC as the example to be followed. Bring about that change yourselves.

Emily Clarke is the Print Chief for The Patriot and