Report Card: Student lot slips towards disaster, Cafeteria serves up disappointment, Culture Shock electrifies JC


Student lot slips towards disaster

JC has reinvented the Slip and Slide: Ice Edition in the student parking lot. The student parking lot is never is never really accurate? or is it just the majority of the time?cleared from the snow and ice, while the faculty lot is dry as a bone. Clearing and making sure the student lot is clear should be the foremost priority for the facilities staff, after clearing the oval. The students are newer to driving than the teachers are, and they therefore need the safety of an ice-free parking lot. Not to mention the students pay $50 each for the maintenance of their parking spots.

Emily Cassidy is a News Editor for The Patriot and

Cafeteria serves up disappointment

This year’s catering service, FAME, has switched up lunches. Some positive changes were made: the after-school hours, a salad bar, and a frozen yogurt machine. However, the lack of an online menu is upsetting, as many students want to know their lunch options before they decide to buy or bring. For students with allergies or for those who are picky eaters, the absence of an online menu leaves them guessing if they will be able to eat anything from the cafeteria. Also, there has been no free food or samples this year, unlike the cultural food and holiday treats seen in previous years. These changes left a bad taste in the mouths of students.

Madison Meyer is an In-Depth Editor for The Patriot and

Culture Shock electrifies JC

This year’s Culture Shock Fair educated students about different cultures in the friendly, busy setting of the library instead of the Brown Room, which has been used in years past. Stations had information on countries including Chad, North Korea, and the Dominican Republic. The variety of food and candy, props such as junior Grace Lee’s traditional North Korean costume, and club members eager to share their knowledge gave the fair a personal, welcoming atmosphere not always found in student-run events. Culture Shock’s big event for the year would be enhanced by having more of a presence throughout the school year, but the fair itself was definitely a success.

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