Report Card: bathrooms, A/C, dress code


Bathrooms are plumb out of luck

Grade: F

The plumbing system, as a whole, gets an F. The girl’s bathroom sinks don’t actually work. Out of five faucets, only two actually produce water. The plumbing is majorly lacking. Even if the sensor “clicks” on, the water never comes.

Plus, for the two sinks that actually work, the drainage system…doesn’t drain. It is always backed up and there’s a nice layer of dirty water in which discolored foam soap and hair floats.

Then we have the locker room bathrooms. The girls’ toilets have a rank smell. Locker room users are worried about whatever bodily function caused the smell because medical treatment may or may not be necessary. For three whole weeks, the rank smell did not falter.

The men’s bathrooms also have issues: seven out of the 10 faucets work on average, but there are times when none of the faucets work between the two bathrooms. JC’s plumbing is falling apart.


Complaints conditioned the faculty – we now have A/C

Grade: B

The student body complains relentlessly about the lack of air conditioning. However, the situation has been, for the most part, resolved. Over the summer, it was installed in the cafeteria as well as the auditorium. Thankfully, the school has announced plans to install A/C units in every classroom.

However, for now, the rest of the school still lacks A/C. Students and teachers alike still suffer during the dreaded warm months because most classrooms make do without A/C. Certain classrooms do have A/C units right now, but not all. As you rise in floor level, your body temperature rises as well. For all those statisticians, the correlation of floor and body temperature is positive and very strong.

Thankfully, the installation of A/C in both the cafeteria and the auditorium has made both lunch eaters and thespians happy. The announcement of installing units in the classroom has made teachers and students alike jump for joy (and they soon will not break a sweat). In both the auditorium and the cafeteria, overheating due to overcrowding was a constant problem throughout the year, so although the air-conditioning problem is not completely solved, we are on our way to temperateness.


JC helps us dress and look the part

Grade: B

The dress code is completely acceptable and is rated a B. None of the rules are preposterous. We should look respectable and nicely dressed. Following the rules is not that inconvenient.

The only complaint that could be made about the uniform is that boys have a significantly wider range of options than girls do. The girls only have two choices: a specific and expensive white shirt and a recently added option of that same shirt in black. The boys can wear a huge variety of different dress shirts and ties, ranging in price, color, and shade. Additionally, every girl must wear a specified and expensive uniform skirt, while boys’ pants and belts can range in price as well as shade. They can wear mostly whatever they want, as long as they look respectable.

Despite this discrepancy, the dress code isn’t too ridiculous. Everyone can either follow the rules or take initiative to make a change.

Morgan Taylor is a Copy Editor for The Patriot and