Bolton’s Bias: Honesty in media takes a major hit

Opinion Editor Will Bolton discusses his opinion with anyone who will listen, in person. This column gives him a place to do it where people can escape from his tirades on everything from school programs to American politics by just putting the article down—although given a chance they probably won’t want to.


“The reason I don’t worry about society is 19 people knocked down two buildings and killed thousands. Hundreds of people ran into those buildings to save them. I’ll take those odds every [obscenity deleted] day.”

That is a quote which seems to be lacking comedic value, considering it comes from someone who is a famous comedian. A comedian who has spent 17 years being one of the most influential satirists has now announced his retirement.

That’s because Jon Stewart is much more than just a famous comedian. He is an inspiration to a generation of political thinkers and one of the greatest satirists of the modern age.

I realize that every FOX viewer is scoffing at what I have written so far and may have already stopped reading, but think about this: “The Daily Show” does have a bias, but it is not the one you think it is. It is not indoctrination in the liberal agenda. It is an honest representation of his beliefs. If you think he aligns strictly along party lines, you haven’t watched the show.

Even if you disagree with what he is saying, no one can watch the show and not be impressed with the skill of his delivery. His ability to switch from sarcastic disdain to genuine concern is both impressive and representative of a true performer.

I say “performer” because of his ability to entertain, not because his show is a performance. The true magic in what he does is his honesty, although that observation also comes from my reading his biography and attending his Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington D.C. I have never read or seen anything to indicate he is not genuine on his show. When he makes a mistake, he fixes it and apologizes. When he makes claims, he sticks to them, despite the backlash.

These reasons are just the beginning of why the recent announcement of his departure, which will take place within the year, is a startling shock. If you have never watched him, start now. If you have already decided you hate him, give “The Daily Show” another shot. He has been a pinnacle of honesty in media for 17 years, and based just on that success, he deserves at least the benefit of the doubt.

Will Bolton is an Opinion Editor for The Patriot and