Coup de Grace: Success requires caring

News Editor Grace Mottley attempts to end deteriorating institutions and ideas of our society through a Coup de Grâce, a “decisive blow or finishing act,” as she questions the culture we live in. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, so what better way to change society than writing about it.


No one would object to being as successful as Oprah Winfrey. While Winfrey started as the daughter of a single mother and was raised in the inner-city, she cared so much about her future that she became the success story we know and love today.

As a high-schooler, caring about almost any activity is punishable by social ostracization, but possessing an inability to care about anything is cool. The idea is that if someone attempts to do their best, they owe an apology. Most teens think if you put effort into something, whether it’s a sport, a club, a class, or a cause, it is somehow wrong or uncool.

The world has been influenced by people who cared and who tried to accomplish their goals.  No one who ever accomplished anything significant did so by laughing at hard workers or stifling their passion for something.

Winfrey didn’t ignore her passions for television and helping others, and she put in effort to achieve her goals. She cared about her future, and didn’t let anyone else’s ideas or opinions stop her from being successful. If you need evidence that caring and hard work provides positive results, look at Winfrey.

Question someone on what they want in life. I guarantee that they’ll tell you, “I just want to be happy.” If you press them on what would make them happy, they’ll give you answers along the lines of being recognized in their field of work, having a loving family, being wealthy, etc. None of these things can be accomplished without effort.

If your one goal in life is to truly be happy, then being indifferent won’t help you. If you’re indifferent to the events happening around you, you’ll miss them.

So try to care a little. Whether it’s cheering at a football game, studying for a test, or practicing for the upcoming speech and debate meet, show some enthusiasm for what you care about.

I’m not advising you to completely alter your life and become super enthusiastic for everything overnight. I’m telling you that if you show interest and put effort into something, you’ll be happier and more successful because of it.

Grace Mottley is a News Editor for The Patriot and