Column: Hau’s It Goin’?

Get Involved

Alex Hau, Media Editor

JC is pretty good at disproving the typical high school stereotypes. You will see in movies that there are two types of people: those who excel in school and those who are good at sports. However, here at JC, those are one in the same. It is often our student athletes who are excelling on the field and in the classroom.

Why is this, though? Certainly the time commitment should impair a student’s ability to do homework and study.

For most athletes, having practice and working out actually helps them with their time management. Having a set schedule can help with organization.

Think about it; a student athlete’s routine includes going to school, practice, and home.  Then there’s eating and doing chores and homework.

With no time for distractions, students are able to get done what they need to without procrastinating.

Don’t get me wrong; being an athlete doesn’t mean you don’t have time to relax or do fun things. In fact, I believe that because of the routine, student athletes actually finish their homework before the last minute, causing less stress and more free time on the weekends.

Playing a sport is great, and I strongly recommend signing up for one, but there are some people who can’t play a sport or maybe just don’t enjoy physical activity.

Extracurricular activities are great as well. They still require good time management, and they get you involved with other students.

Playing a sport or joining an extracurricular activity is crucial to having an enjoyable and memorable high school experience. They will also teach you skills that will transfer into your adult life and make you more successful.