Saying goodbye to the Class of 2020


As the year is coming to an end, we must say goodbye to the class of 2020, or as many are calling them, “The Class of COVID-19.” COVID-19 has been detrimental to all people of all grade levels, but it has hit the senior class harder than most of the other grades.

For many seniors, this was supposed to be a time of celebration as their final days of grade school are coming to an end. It was supposed to be a time for celebration for all the hard work and dedication they had put in for 13 years. This was supposed to be a time for the class to finally get the gratification that comes with graduating.

COVID-19 has had a large impact on the senior classes all over the country in many different ways. Senior trips, proms, and other fun senior activities have all been canceled due to the virus that has affected so many.

One last school play, a final game, a final season, or one last match are all things seniors will be missing out on. It can be hard for seniors at the end of a season even with these final events, and many feel they are at a loss.

It can be very hard for a senior to stay positive during a time like this. Not being able to see their friends during their final days, not being able to walk the stage at graduations, or attend prom is tough for the class of 2020.

This is an overall challenging time for seniors. They are attending their final days of high school that they should be spending with friends at home all alone. They are spending their time that they should be celebrating, wishing they had more time. The senior class has lost so many good memories that they should always remember, with memories they are wishing they could forget.