Is traveling during this holiday season with a pandemic really a good idea?


Aeowynn Ayres, Staff Writer

There is a possibility that the areas could go back into lockdowns, so traveling for the holidays has been the center of many debates.

Although we all want to see our friends and families, it is so important that we stay home. Government and healthcare officials have been encouraging people to stay home as much as possible and avoid nonessential travel.
Although traveling this holiday season may sound like a fun family trip, we must take others’ health into consideration.
By traveling for the holidays, you risk getting members of your family sick. You also run the risk of getting people in your community sick.
For example, when I want to see my friends or family, we set up a Zoom call so we can all talk together. This is a great way to communicate with loved ones without putting anyone at risk.
This pandemic will never end if we continue to ignore the severity of it.
If you must travel, it is important you do it safely. Before and after arriving at your destination, you should get a COVID test to make sure you are not one who can spread the virus. Always wear a mask, and use hand sanitizer after touching something in a public place.
When you’re in public places like airports or bus stops, you’re more likely to catch and spread COVID because of the number of people around you.
Driving is safer than traveling by plane or using public transportation because it is more socially distant, and if it’s possible, stay with family members instead of getting a hotel or renting an Airbnb.
Of course, it is important that you stay socially distant as much as possible, but if you and your family do plan on traveling, make sure you do it safely.