TOP TEN: Silver Linings of Online Learning

Aeowynn Ayres, Staff Writer


10- Family Time: This year it seems like we can’t get enough time to spend with our families. The pandemic has taught us to take advantage of the time we have with loved ones. While at home, you get to spend more time with siblings and parents doing things you don’t normally have time for when you are running to practice or dance class.
9- Food is more accessible: While at home, it’s easier to eat a snack during class when you get hungry. You’re able to satisfy your hunger without disturbing the class. When you’re at home, you also have more options for food for lunch and more time to eat a real breakfast.
8- More Manageable: With all assignments online, it’s easier to manage your work. Students don’t have to worry about losing worksheets or forgetting their books in their lockers because everything is at home and online. Having one set place to submit assignments on Veracross makes it easier to see what assignments are due and when.
7- Rediscovering Old Hobbies or Starting New Ones: This has been a long 10-month-time-at-home period that many people have used to pick up new hobbies. While being at home all day, students may find themselves bored and picking up old hobbies they started during the beginning of quarantine. Reading? Cooking? Painting? The options are endless.
6- 24/7 Pajama Pants: Although students are required to wear their uniform shirts, they can wear whatever bottoms they want. Students can wear sweatpants or pajama pants, which gives a fun, and more comfortable, twist to the dress code.
5- More sleep: Most teenagers don’t get a good night’s sleep when attending school in-person. With being online, students don’t have to get up quite as early to get ready for school. This gives them an extra hour or more of sleep.
4- Self-Paced: With being online, there’s more time to get assignments done at a pace that’s more personalized for each student. When in the classroom, students may feel as if they have to rush to keep up with the rest of the class. With online classes, students can be more focused on their work.
3- More Comfort: Doing school online means a more comfortable learning environment. A student’s room can be more relaxing and less stressful than a classroom can be. Being in a room alone can also be more productive because there aren’t other students around to be distractions.
2- More free time: While being at home, students have more free time to get things done. The five minutes in between classes that would be used to get books from lockers can be used to get a snack or to take a quick break from the screen. Students can use the time that would be used to drive home to get homework done.
1- Three-Day Weekends: The best thing about online learning is the three day weekends. This extended weekend gives students an opportunity to have a break from the computer screen and the stress of online learning. This extra day also gives students more time to complete their Friday work for the upcoming week without cramming it all into one day.