Are Valentine’s Day flowers going out of style?

Aeowynn Ayres, Assistant Entertainment Editor

It has been a long-lasting tradition to give a significant other roses or some other type of flower on Valentine’s Day, but some people are starting to think flowers are going out of style. 

It can sometimes be easy to get caught up in our day-to-day lives that we forget to celebrate our loved ones. Flowers are a perfect way to show them your love. 

 While most women fawn over the idea of getting flowers on this holiday of love, many other gifts have become more popular. Some of these gifts include chocolate, stuffed animals, jewelry, or candles. These gifts have become more common and less expensive, so the thought of gifting flowers has been left in the dust. 

 From a female’s perspective, flowers are always a great gift to receive. They may last from one to two weeks and can be preserved after they are wilted and no longer fresh. That way, they last so much longer than candies, candles, or other gifts. They are inexpensive without seeming cheap and very easy to find in grocery stores or flower shops. 

 Because Valentine’s Day is such an intimate holiday, it is the perfect day for personalized gifts. Flowers are not a “one size fits all” gift,  you can personalize them to fit your significant other’s taste. You can add a handwritten note, or your florist can add one to your bouquet to make the gift even more personal. 

Flowers are also just a very happy and bright gift. They are so pretty and come in so many different shapes and colors, so they are perfect for anybody. Although they seem generic, flowers area really a personal and thoughtful gift. 

 Flowers are the perfect gift to give anyone of any age for Valentine’s Day. Flowers are a timeless gift that brightens up any room they are in. Putting them in your dining room or kitchen will create serotonin and release a positive energy that will make everyone in your house happy. 

 When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, let your partner know you love them with a bouquet of gorgeous flowers. You will not go wrong with this perfect and personal gift.

 Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!